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Brief History of Baccarat

The popular casino game baccarat originated from Italy, although the history of baccarat has several versions. This exciting game was first played by Felix Falguierein, an Italian gambler who lived during the Middle Ages. Some say that the early versions of the baccarat game was somehow patterned after an old ritual that revolved around a virgin whose destiny was determined by nine gods through a die that has nine sides. The destinies that await the virgin were either good or tragic, depending on the number indicated by the die.

This game with a mysterious past then invaded the shores of France and became a recognized hobby of the members of the noble class. This exciting game was widely accepted by French gamblers because a game of baccarat somehow resembled other well-known games such as Faro and Basset. The concept behind the Baccarat game traveled to different countries, resulting into a variety of versions and rules. During the late fifties, a card game that combined two types of baccarat was introduced by a man named Tommy Renzoni in the US. The first game was held at the Dunes Casino, Las Vegas.

Baccarat Rules

The rules of each online game depends on the variant, as baccarat games have several versions which include "Chemin de Fer," "Punto Banco," and the "Baccarat Banque." Despite the differences in several of the rules, the basic concept behind the baccarat system revolves around a banker and a player. The goal of each game is to decide on who has the highest card or hand, with each card given a value which is equal to its actual value (i.e. a nine of hearts has a value of nine). The suits have no effect on the actual value of a card and should the total value becomes a two-digit number, only the last numeral is used. All the other card players can select either side and place their bets on the baccarat banker or the card player.

Baccarat Tips And Strategy

As for baccarat tips, a few simple guidelines should help an amateur player improve his game. Online baccarat players must always remember that this game, just like many of the casino games, is a game of luck and skill. Learning how to manage your bankroll is also a good tip since some gamblers don't really know how to use their bankroll and when to stop playing. Another tip is that aside from the actual bet, losers are sometimes asked to pay additional fees and commissions and taxes for the winners. Try to concentrate on how the banker and the player make their moves since their mistakes might be an advantage for you. And lastly, ties rarely occur so think twice before betting on a tie.

Baccarat Online Tournaments

Joining baccarat online tournaments is the perfect way to hone skills and strategies. Many online gaming sites actually offer a free game so there's no need to worry about the cash. Once confidence is gained, online baccarat tournaments that offer real cash can be the next step in mastering the concepts behind this exciting casino game.

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