Baccarat Terminology Explained

2018-05-23 01:45

Baccarat is one of the top three table games based on luck which are regularly played at both brick and mortar and Internet casinos. In particular, the game is very popular among casino gamblers in Asia at Macau casinos. One of the reasons for its popularity is because it is very fast, simple and easy to play. You place a bet on the banker winning, the player winning or on a tie and wait to see the outcome.

Because of the international character of the game, baccarat uses many phrases and terms that come from Spanish, Italian or French origin. The game also shares common terms with other casino games. Some of the terms, however, have slightly different meanings. Therefore, before you decide to play baccarat with real cash and rick your own money, take your time to familiarize with the basic baccarat glossary terms.

Banco – the banker in baccarat.

Bankroll – the money a player sets for gambling.

Carte – French term for requesting a new card to be dealt.

Coup - French term for a round of play.

Croupier - a dealer in French.

Cut- to cut a deck of playing cards means to divide the deck in half after the cards have been shuffled.

Down Card – the card that is turn face down.

Face Cards - the Jack, Queen and King regardless of their suit.

High Roller – a player that bets big and plays with large bankroll.

House Edge – the advantage of the casino it gains by playing less than the odds.

Ladderman – In a land based casino, it is the employee who oversees the table action of the baccarat game.

Le Grande – it means natural 9 in French.

Mini-baccarat – a smaller, reduced variation of table baccarat.

Monkey – term used to describe a face card or a ten.

Natural – getting an 8 or a 9 right from the first two dealt cards.

Palette – the tool used in baccarat to move cards on the table. It is in fact a long, flat, wooden baton.

Punto – a baccarat player.

Shoe – a wooden box where cards are kept and dealt from.

Shuffle Up – earlier shuffling of playing cards by the croupier.

Standoff - a tie in baccarat.

VIP – The most important person in the casino. It is a customer that bets big and plays with large amount of money.

Up Card – a playing card turned with its face up.

As you are now familiar with the basic lingo, you can go to the Novibet Casino site and play live Baccarat and try out these terms for real. Also, if you’re not a live-chatting type of guy, you can simply play the standard online version of the game.

Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy the game for sure. As soon as you start playing, you’ll understand why so many people are enthusiastic about the game and why it is so popular in online casinos, as well as in a standard, brick and mortar casinos.

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