Castle Builder II: The Missing Link between Social and Casino Games

2017-03-04 14:46
People who routinely play New Zealand pokies are surely content with their favorite game, yet they secretly yearn for more. This is most likely the reason why new games like Lost Vegas and Fruit vs. Candy, that give players a bit of autonomy by allowing them to "switch sides" during the game, are becoming increasingly successful. There is - or rather there will be - one game that will take this decision-making several steps further, allowing players not only to simply switch sides but progress through a complex world filled with tasks to complete and achievements to unlock. It's called Castle Builder II, and it's set to be released worldwide in the second quarter of 2017.

Castle Builder II

Released in 2014, Castle Builder was a memorable game. Aside from being beautifully built, it gave players a purpose aside from winning more credits while playing it: gather building materials to complete a construction project. The game's story was simple: build the castle for the princess to move into, and wait for the suitors competing for their hand. The game was well received not only by the public but by the industry as well, being nominated for EGR's "Game of the Year" award in 2013. Today, the time has come for the quest to continue. Rabcat, the developer behind several successful pokies like "Dragon's Myth" and "Forsaken Kingdom", has presented the sequel to the successful Castle Builder game at this year's ICE Totally Gaming. The worldwide release date of the title is unknown at this point but players can expect it to be rolled out sometime after the beginning of April.

Building progress

When loading the game, players need to select one of the two available builder avatars, each one with their own special feature: experience in building (which causes castles to be completed faster) or free spins (needless to explain). As they progress through various kingdoms and building projects, builders will collect experience points and improve their stats, unlock achievements, and become more efficient at building the castles. The castles themselves are built through a pokie game. Players spin the reels and wait for at least two matching materials - metal, stone, wood, and brick - to land on the reels. Once this happens, the materials are gathered in racks. Once six units of materials are collected, a new phase of the construction is completed. Once the castle is complete, the princess - or prince - moves in, and the suitors appear. Players need to select one of the suitors, each of them coming with a different amount of cash offered as a reward for finishing the castle. Castle Builder II is a captivating game, sure to pin its players to the screen for hours at a time.
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