7 Advantages of Playing at a New Online Casino

2018-03-17 14:46

One of the best things about online casinos is that there’s always an online casino which you haven’t heard about. Not only there are new games on a weekly basis, but new online casinos pop up like mushrooms after a pouring rain. New online casinos have their own advantages over well-established casinos. Here are 7 very good reasons why you should always check for new casinos online before you settle for a well-established one. We’re not saying they’re no good, but new casinos simply outshine the colossal household brands that will all know about.

New Casinos Join the Scene on a Daily Basis!

And it seems like they will never stop popping up! It’s become extremely rare to see a new “vanilla” operator to show up. Most of the new online casinos that show up are in fact part of the big casino group. There are a dozen examples that come to mind without breaking a sweat. Finding a new online casino is not as difficult as it sounds. Sure, big-time brands dominate the search engines with their powerful marketing strategies. But there are ways which get you closer to brand new online casinos. And here’s why you should put in the extra effort, and always be on the lookout for new options.

Cutting-edge User Interface

Once in a while, or, better said, once every 4 to 5 years, behemoth online casinos take a risk and revamp their interface. It’s highly likely that a casino player will leave such a casino after 3 months tops. Why? Because nothing ever changes. The same games dominate the game library. The same games qualify for bonuses and promotions. It’s just another day, and the same old games. It’s safe to say, they have a traditional approach to online gaming.

On the other hand, new online casinos showcase cutting-edge interface, designed, created to be eye-pleasing, yet highly user-friendly, and most important mobile compatible and optimized to deliver one of a kind gaming experience. Advanced filters that can surprise even an avid casino player with years of gaming experience, allow players to find a new game to play within seconds!

The Latest and the Best Casino Games on Display

The operator prepares for the initial launch of the casino for months. They have inside information of which games are going to be released soon before or after the launch of the casino. And we all know what this means. All of these hits will be available at that new online casino. Not only that, but the greatest hits are available as well. Moreover, roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat players can enter the live dealer casinos and take the online gaming experience to the very next level!


Now, we’ve witnessed casinos that are run by operators with tons of resources, yet they do not even think about adding new games. They just don’t care about what players have to say. Sounds boring? It is! We totally understand players who like to enjoy their favorite slot game, but even they like to explore new content and experiment a little with a brand new video slot. Heck, even jackpot hunters can’t turn a blind eye! Sure, poker players won’t find this important, but at least they get to enjoy a new setting. On the other hand, bingo players will surely be happy to try out a new bingo game spiced up with a just as attractive bingo promotion.

Alluring Welcome Bonus Package - Bonus Money + Spins

Bonuses are a staple amongst casino aficionados, regardless of the game at hand, they’ve become almost a starting point for a pleasant gaming experience. The only flaw all welcome bonuses have is that you can claim them only ONCE. Some come with poor bonus terms, others might be underwhelming, but you can claim all welcome bonuses only once!

Here come new online casinos! There’s always a new online casino just around the corner, and that means, another welcome bonus! New online casinos pioneered with welcome bonus packages, which come both with bonus money and extra free spins. Now, some have gone the distance to provide multiple bonuses on the player’s first two, three or even four deposits! It’s common for these welcome bonus packages to total as much as $/€3,000! It all depends on how eager the operator is to attract new players. Considering how ferocious the competition in the gaming industry has become, generous welcome bonus packages at new online casinos shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Better Retention Promotions

But the bonus action doesn’t end here! A rather important part of any casino’s operation is the retention programs. In simple words, “how to keep the player busy, playing longer, and not changing his/her casino of choice”.

So what’s the big deal? Well, how would you like to receive more bonuses even once you lose your “new player” tag in the casino’s system? Reload bonuses, free spins, cash back bonuses, promotions of all kinds, at your disposal! To be honest, playing at a big online casino with hundreds of thousands of customers turns you into a number. On the other end, there are new online casinos, with only a few hundred players. Chances are, some of the staff will remember your name, treat you with a better bonus, he/she will vouch for you! Jokes aside, you get this feeling of belongingness at a new online casino, just because there aren’t that many players.

Highly Motivated Customer Support

The entire team of the casino is highly motivated to succeed. They’re new to the market, and the only way to overcome the already established fierce competition is to go the extra mile. This is only possible if they work as a team, and they treat each customer with respect and attention that other casinos simply can’t provide.

You’ve probably had a chat with a customer support at some point in time, and it’s easy to distinguish good from poor customer support. In our experience, the customer service at new online casinos is simply better! Sure, they still don’t have the skills of a customer support agent that’s been doing the job for half a decade, but they’re willing to help, and sometimes that’s what matters the most. Another thing, customer support teams at new online casinos usually have to deal with less queries, which is why they can invest more of their time to meet your demands and comfort you in any way.

New Casinos are the Center of Attention, for a While

And who doesn’t want to be in the center of attention? However, that’s not our point. The good thing about playing at a new online casino and them being at the center of attention, is that they’re under pressure. They must satisfy every single player, or their “flawless” reputation will go down the drain before the next monthly reload bonus.

In a way, you’re making the safe call by joining a new online casino. Sure, you should first check for casino reviews, maybe even some early first-hand experiences. If the casino is part of a bigger casino group, then you’re in the absolute safe zone.

New Casinos Conduct their Operations by the Latest Gaming Standards

Although not obvious, and it’s highly unlikely that an inexperienced eye will notice this, but new online casinos start with a clean slate, and their operations are in line with the latest gaming standards. In the past, we’ve witnessed how well-established online casinos have refused to implement the latest changes. They do not make the necessary changes even at the price of hefty penalties that reach millions of dollars.

And if there’s one thing that we can recommend to you as a casino player is that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So, when’s the last time you joined a recently established online casino? When was the last time you felt the benefits of playing at a new online casino?

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