Roulette Strategy: Look for Single Zeroes and Double Bets

2017-01-06 01:31

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Roulette is all about numbers - but not necessarily the ones you can see. When you play any casino game the aim is to walk away with a profit, but whether you do so or not will depend on the numbers. Every move you make will have a mathematical expectation and it's your job as a player to ensure that the moves you make have a positive expectation.
For example, if your starting total in a game of blackjack was 19, you wouldn't ask for another card because the numbers suggest that you're far more likely to go bust than find a one or a two. Therefore, in this situation, the positive expectation move is to stand on a strong total. This theory also applies to roulette. In the rest of this article we're going to look at one of the best strategies for the online roulette arena.

Tables, Tables, Tables

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Now, before we outline the best roulette strategy, let's first take a look at the dynamics. When you play online, the first decision you'll have to make is the type of table you want to play on. And it's an important one. For the sake of versatility and to keep players satisfied, leading online casino providers tend to offer a wide array of game variants for players to pick and choose, for all casino games - which of course includes roulette. At 32Red there are nine different roulette variants. From traditional European roulette to multi-wheel roulette where you can activate up to eight wheels at once, 32Red's selection of roulette games offers a wide range of options to suit different play styles.
In fact, if you venture out into the online casino world at large, you'll find a plethora of ways to play roulette. 777 casino allows you to play at a Deal or No Deal themed table, while Super Casino offers live roulette tables that allow you to play from as little as $1, and appears on national TV in the UK. However, as extensive as the world of roulette is, the best place for any aspiring player to play is still a traditional European table. Why is this the case? Well, if you take a look at 32Red's European and American roulette tables, you'll notice one main difference: the number of betting options. On an American roulette table there are 38 numbers to choose from (thanks to the presence of the 00 option), while European tables have 37. This means that you have straight up better odds at a European roulette table.

Make Sure the Numbers Add Up

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Although having more betting options might seem like a luxury, it's actually better to ante-up at a European table. Regardless of the table you choose, the maximum payout for either is 35:1 (on a single number). When you do the math, you'll have a 2.7% (37 numbers with a 35:1 payout) of winning a straight up bet at a European table. In contrast, straight up bets on an American table have an expectation of 2.63% (38 numbers with a 35:1 payout).
Looking at this information, it's easy to see that the European table is the positive expectation move here. Now you've worked out which table you're going to choose, what about a betting strategy? Well, when it comes to online roulette, the best strategy out there is the double dozen technique. Because the software out there allows you to place multiple bets on a single spin, you can cover just under 66% of the board with just two bets when you bet on two dozens at the same time.

Seeing Double

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For example, if you wagered $10 on the first and third dozens, your total outlay for a spin would be $20. If a number in either of these sections rolled in, you'd receive a total payout of $30 for a $10 profit. In short, this strategy is a low risk way to cover a large amount of numbers and still make a profit when you're correct.
Indeed, while it's possible to cover 24 numbers with individual bets, the cost would be extremely high. In contrast, this strategy is perfect for newbies that want to take advantage of the low betting limits you'll find online and, more importantly, make a positive expectation move that yields a manageable profit.
Open Roulette Strategy: Look for Single Zeroes and Double Bets
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