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Brief History of Blackjack

This exciting card game originated from Europe and was introduced in the US through the establishment of casinos. Because of blackjack's similarity to a certain card game which has a well-known French version, many believe that blackjack had its roots in France. Blackjack was originally referred to as "twenty-one" because players need to have a combination of an Ace and a jack in order to get the high payouts. As the game evolved, and with the aid the most updated technology available to the gambling industry, it became a highly-recognized game that requires strategy, card counting skills, and plenty of luck. As of today, it continues to catch the attention of many amateur and professional players both online and land-based.

Blackjack Rules

The goal of a blackjack game is to have a hand value that is closest or not higher than twenty-one. Players bet against a dealer so gamblers don't need to think about their opponents and should only concentrate on the dealer's moves. Each card is given a value that is equal to its face value except for the non-numeric cards such as the king, jack, and queen which are all valued as ten.

Blackjack Tips

To gain an advantage over the house or the dealer, some blackjack players practice card counting, a fascinating strategy that requires a little bit of basic computation skills. The main goal of counting the cards is to somehow anticipate the playing cards that are still on the dealer's deck. If a player thinks that the deck has high cards, he can plan his bets ahead to make sure that his bankroll is not wasted. It is very important for a blackjack player to think twice before doing a move since any mistake could be disastrous for a player's bankroll.

Players should mentally master their card-counting skills and should avoid cheating since many online sites may use special software programs that are developed to detect card cheaters or frauds. In learning blackjack tips, players can check out different sites that offer guidelines and strategies, even free plays.

Aside from knowing the main rules and concepts behind an online version of blackjack, players can also familiarize themselves with the different jargons or terms used in the game beforehand. Some of the most common terms used in a blackjack game are call, hit, upcard, push, action, and bankroll. For a more complete list of blackjack terms, just check out sites that have a glossary of common jargons and their respective definitions.

Always remember that a blackjack game is simply a game and that losing is part of it. Players should never let their emotions control as this can distract them from their strategy.

Online Blackjack Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments also offer some tips to help out amateur players. Many gaming sites also offer free games to serve as training grounds for those who want to practice their strategies and card counting skills without throwing away too much cash. These free gaming sites also offer less risks since anti-online gambling laws have been recently passed by the US government.

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