The craps online casino game with strategy and rules.

Games of chances are found throughout men's history; from ancient Rome to the European Middle Ages. One such game is what people know now as "craps." The history of craps stretches as far back as the early Egyptian civilization where people used to roll slightly angular pebbles towards designated spots for entertainment. Rome, through its soldiers, also had its own version of craps. Small cubed pieces of pig's knuckles were used by the soldiers to pass the time. They were rolled and allowed to hit each other in the hollows of the warriors' shields with some amount of betting on the outcome. The Arabs also have their own account of the game's origin. They maintain that an Arabic 14th-century game called "azzhar" roughly translates to "die" or "dice" -- the main element in playing craps.

But despite these accounts, it is the old English game "hazard" which bore striking similarities with present-day craps. Hazard was played by 16th-century aristocrats mainly for entertainment; it was during the game's travel to America through colonization that betting was introduced. John H. Winn, the man responsible for changing craps rules to accommodate betting, paved the way for the game's popularity to soar.

Similar to Winn, the Internet had also become instrumental in the popularity of the game. Whereas Winn introduced the concept of betting, the Internet allowed a larger number of people to learn how to play craps. Aside from a craps glossary, the fame of the game also spawned a number of craps guides and craps strategy tutorials for those who really want to make money off the game. Because of its popularity, craps had become a standard fixture in most online casinos and gaming websites.

However, for all its high-tech appearance, online versions of the game still retains basic craps concepts which make it easy for old-time street or casino players to adapt the new medium. Winning still depends on betting on the right outcome of a roll or a series of it. Online craps only has the added benefit of having a guide on assessing craps odds or smart craps tips at hand provided by the casinos themselves or other online resource.

For people who are not yet comfortable enough to play craps online, there are a number of online casinos and gaming websites that allow visitors to download craps software for free. New players can practice on these programs or browse and play free craps games online. This way, newbies can get a feel of online gaming without the risks of losing money while practicing.

As a final note, online casinos, like the people who play in them are largely different from each other in terms of other factors like game clients, bonuses, and other services. It is a wise player who checks out and browses through online casino reviews before signing up in one. By ensuring that they signed up in a competent gaming website, players can be sure that they get optimum service as they play craps online.

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