Historic Rivalries Make Conference Championships Instant Classics

It’s not every day that the greatest team rivalry in the NFL and the greatest personal rivalry kick off with tickets to the Super Bowl on the line, but that’s exactly what’s in store for football fans and the NFL betting community this weekend. The San Francisco 49ers hit the road against the Seattle Seahawks and Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos welcome Tom Brady’s New England Patriots to the Mile High City. The NFC Championship, which will pit two NFC West Division contenders who’ve been on the short-list for the Super Bowl all season long, promises to be everything the betting community could ever want. The two split their season series and have built success on eerily similar foundations. Can the glaring CenturyLink Field home advantage give the Seahawks enough to cover the 3-point spread they’ve been favored with? In the AFC Championship, two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time will get the chance to spoil each other’s bid for another Super Bowl. On the heels of a wildly successful 2013 campaign, Manning’s Broncos are the 4-point favorites. Spreads for both games are dangerously close for good reason; to say that either underdog didn’t still stand a legitimate chance of winning not only the conference title but the Super Bowl outright would be an understatement. That’s just how good the four remaining combatants are. And that’s just how fascinating the forthcoming weekend of NFL betting action will be.