Kansas on Display in Rivalry Clash with Kansas State

When it comes to betting on college basketball, the Kansas Jayhawks are a tough team to resist. While they may not be the most accomplished in the standings, they’re certainly the most intriguing. This Monday, with five losses already, they’ll try their luck on the road against the Kansas State Wildcats. The reason Kansas’ loss count is relevant is because they’ve still managed to capture the hearts of the NCAA Basketball betting community. This is a team that’s lost to two unranked opponents and three others lower than No. 19, yet remains one of the top teams to beat on the March Madness futures. That’s right, with 9/2 odds of winning the National Championship, the Jayhawks are expected to finish second on the totem pole despite their current No. 6 ranking in the AP polls. Perhaps that’s the benefit of having the top two NBA prospects on your roster in the middle of an unpredictable NCAA season. We like Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid as much as the next guys, but if No. 6 Kansas wants to be a No. 1 team, they’re going to have to show us that they deserve it. The Wildcats, currently unranked, have just 300/1 NCAA futures and their work cut out for them if they hope to earn the level of respect they’ve had at times in the past. A victory on home soil against a heated rival like the Jayhawks could be just the kick in the right direction.