Giants Loom Large in 2014 and Face Uphill Battle in 2015

The San Francisco Giants made good on some intriguing MLB odds prior to the postseason, and given that they won rings in both 2010 and 2012, it should come as no surprise. As the league shuts its doors for winter, the baseball betting community allows itself to take a quick look forward at what might be happening this time next year. Since the year will end in an odd number, it’s safe to rule reigning champion Giants out, even knowing their 12/1 odds on the World Series future. San Francisco has won three titles in five years, but they’ll have to buck their trend if they want to make it four out of six. Equally feared as the title holders will be their NL West rival the Los Angeles Dodgers. They, along with the perennially fearsome Washington Nationals are 15/2 to win the World Series in 2015. They’re familiar faces, sure, as are the Detroit Tigers (10/1) and Los Angeles Angels (10/1), but until we get a better feel of how the season will unfold, they’re the safest bets. Is this the year a high profile club finally lives up to its marquee name? Perhaps Kansas City’s run this autumn will trigger an underdog revolution.