Who Beats Box Office Totals Ted 2 or Max?

Summer blockbuster season has arrived, and this Friday, two more films will open to what should be some big box office numbers. Will they meet those lofty expectations? At press time, Ted 2 (Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane) is looking at an over/under of $60 million for its opening weekend gross, and meanwhile Max (Thomas Haden Church) has a total of $13 million on the entertainment props board. Of the two films, Ted 2 will no doubt bring in more money, but reaching that total is unlikely – the under is priced accordingly at –140. The 2012 original grossed $54.4 million in its opening weekend, and beating those numbers will be difficult with Jurassic World and Inside Out already in theaters. Max has a much better shot at beating its total; although in this case, the over is priced at –140. This is a PG-rated movie about a boy (Josh Wiggins) and his eponymous dog, who is adopted by the boy's family after working with US Marines in Afghanistan. Max is perfectly positioned to grab a healthy slice of the marketplace as a family-friendly viewing option. Just don't confuse it with Mad Max: Fury Road.