How Many Hot Dogs Will Joey Chestnut Eat?

This Saturday is Independence Day, so it's almost time for the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island, New York. Every year, the contestant who can scarf down the most hot dogs (bun included) in 10 minutes is declared the winner. American Joey Chestnut has won the contest every year since 2007, usually consuming at least 60 hot dogs along the way. Chestnut's over/under this year is 65.5. Bet on entertainment at Bovada and get a free 50% bonus. If we exclude Chestnut's 2007 victory, which had a 12-minute time limit, the Vallejo, California native has exceeded 65.5 hot dogs three times out of seven. His record is 69, set in 2013, and his lowest intake was in 2010, when Chestnut topped out at 54 franks. Last year, Chestnut won the contest with 61 hot dogs consumed. Chestnut has reportedly been training vigorously for this year's event, hoping to fend off the challenge from the latest eating star, Matt Stonie. That could be enough to push Chestnut beyond 65.5 hot dogs, but there's also concern he could be near the end or even past his competitive eating peak at age 31. ESPN2 has the live coverage starting at noon Eastern.