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The opening page of Europa Casino definitely makes players feel that they are actually playing in some European gambling house. It is even enhanced by pictures of several prominent landmarks that are exclusively found in the European continent such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Big Ben in London, even the Arc de Triomphe.

Yet, apart from the European theme, the casino may be considered a one-of-a-kind gambling site in that it offers its games in several different languages. Proof of this is its various European flags that will instantly greet new players when they come over to visit the site.

The site though has more to offer than just mere European flags. Popular online casino games are available here including poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps, and these are offered in different versions, while it also adds color to the gaming environment by offering slot machine games, video slots, and keno games that can be played in single-line or multi-line fashion. Still, these games are just mere samples as Europa Casino boasts of having a collection of over 60 online games.

Playing the numerous Europa Casino games becomes even more exciting as they can actually be played in three different currencies namely Pound, Dollar, and Euro. The advantage that this feature gives is that players are provided with the option to play any given game in a currency where the exchange rate is comparatively higher. Ultimately, a win in any of the games will certainly result in significantly larger financial returns, though this will depend, of course, on the kind of currency that a player will choose to play.

Bonus-wise, the site has several exciting awards fit for both the veteran and the novice online players. For newbies, the offer is a 100 percent or a $100 welcome bonus for the first deposit, which means that for an initial $100 deposit in a Europa Casino account, a matching $100 incentive will be given, easily doubling the player's initial bankroll. In effect, new players can get to play real games with an initial $200 bet money. Meanwhile, for the veteran players, especially those in search for higher stakes and bigger bonuses, Europa Casino also has the appropriate set up: An initial deposit set at a minimum amount of $1,200 will entitle the high roller to an instant $500 bonus. This, of course, will be subject to the terms of agreement outlined by the site with regards to online bonuses.

Aside from the welcome awards, Europa Casino also offers players the chance to earn complimentary points (comps) everytime they play. These comps can be exchanged for cash the moment they reach a certain limit. This will then be deposited into the players' online account, which they can use as wagers to play more games. Simply put, the more games played, the more comps will be accumulated and exchanged for cash.

The multi-language set up of the Europa Casino games also enables the site to interact effectively with players coming from other countries in a language that they could both understand. Additionally, an innovative call center composed of highly-trained staff has been put in place to address various customer concerns more effectively. This is one other feature that makes Europa Casino truly exceptional because it proves that it is one site committed to giving the best to both its members and visitors in terms of games and services.

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