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Absolute Improvements at Absolute Poker

Although Absolute Poker more appropriately belongs to the group of poker rooms that are of average level size, it is apparently seeking a bigger share of the online poker audience. This is quite obvious in a more organized website and an overall better appearance of the poker room itself, especially in terms of quality. To add more credibility to its name, the site even got the services of Mark Seif, winner of two WSOP bracelets, to endorse the site and its many games.

The Absolute Poker improvements become even more evident when one gets a copy of its latest game software. Aside from having the standard game functions, it now gives players the option of playing simultaneously on three poker tables. The software also contains several other advanced features, including play statistics, player searches, hand history, and many others. Its particularly interesting feature is 'private tournament', wherein poker players can bring together friends, colleagues at work, and even relatives so they can all engage in a nice friendly game of poker, which they may even turn into a small private tournament.

However, when it comes to the variety of games, Absolute Poker still needs to do some homework. The game offerings are still essentially the regular ones which naturally include Seven-Card Stud and Omaha, both of which are available in the regular and in the Hi-Lo versions. Of course, always present is Texas Hold'em which come in the short-handed and in the one-on-one format. It is in this highly popular poker game where lots of action takes place.

Nevertheless, Absolute Poker makes up for its limited games in the buy-in area that involve low entrance fees. For instance, Texas Hold'em's fixed limit version has a minimum buy-in requirement of $0.02/$0.04 with the maximum set at $50/$100. The no-limit games, on the other hand, have a required $.25/$0.10 minimum buy-in while the maximum is around $5/$10. Additionally, Absolute Poker also adopts a policy of no flop and no drop in its rake charges. Simply put, the policy states that the site will not charge rakes on game pots that did not involve flops. In games when rakes are necessarily taken out, the charge is only five percent regardless of the kind of game and player number, and will stop at $3, which is the maximum.

Absolute Poker also does well in the online bonus aspect, wherein it presently offers some very tempting online incentives to interested new players. One of these is the 100 percent reward that can reach a maximum amount of $750. To avail of this particular bonus, new players first need to download the game software, then open an account with the site together with their initial deposit with which they will then purchase chips in order to start playing the games.

For existing players, Absolute Poker offers the 25 percent to $250 reload incentive. In this form of reward, loyal players of the site will receive $10 for every 100 hand that they play. Once the players reach the said mark, the reload bonus will be automatically credited to their existing accounts. Typically, Absolute Poker makes available this given bonus on a weekly basis. Another ongoing bonus program for loyal Absolute Poker players is the program where they can invite friends to visit the site. If they are able to do this and their friends sign in as new members, they can expect to receive $50 in bonus. Their referred friends, meanwhile, are guaranteed a $25 incentive.

While the games may be a bit limited and traffic is not really high, Absolute Poker nevertheless scores some very good points in other areas. A few more improvements in the variety of games and Absolute Poker may soon find more players coming over for a visit.

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