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Titan Poker, the leader of the poker rooms available through Playtech's iPoker network, offers exclusive access to European poker players. After the use of credit cards for payment collection was banned in the US, the site stopped providing service to its US players. Despite its limited audience, the site continues to enjoy a large market share and an increasing popularity among online poker players.

Offered in five different languages, Titan Poker's software caters to French, German, Italian, Spanish, and English players. With player base provided by iPoker and software modified by Playtech, users can play at eight tables all at the same time. Titan Poker employs a user-friendly interface with clear, sensible graphics and accessible add-ons such as game history, buddy lists, player notes, live floor assistance, sound options and ring games, and all tournament classifications. The updates on the software make it even more playable, with games running faster and smoother. A pop-up window offers special bonuses everytime the cashier is entered.

Titan Poker's bonuses attract many poker players. The $500 bonuses match 100% deposits, which can be acquired during a 90-day period, are paid daily in $10 amounts. Players can earn one to eight stars for having their cards dealt in raked pots. However, this depends on the taken rake. Stars are rewarded with more bonuses; sixty thousand stars amount to a $600 bonus. Loyalty at Titan Poker is duly remunerated through its VIP program wherein loyal players are rewarded the chance of getting quality reload bonuses and entering special free rolls. The number of rewarded points depend on the hierarchy of membership status.

Titan Poker has a moderate range of games: Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Omaha High are available in pot-limit and limit. Texas Hold'em dominate the volume of soft games offered by Titan Poker. Winning is easy as players tend to be quite passive. Aggressive marketing and recruitment from Playtech's base helps in nurturing iPoker's potential in building soft games. Different tournament options are also offered such as Sit 'N' Go, multi-table, and heads-up.

Tournaments have higher traffic than cash games, with up to 9,000 playing online during its peak hours. Sit 'N' Go, because of extensive promotion and its high jackpots, is also becoming increasingly popular. As for ring games, Titan Poker, together with iPoker, have had 2,850 players at a time.

In terms of customer service, Titan Poker provides excellent support. The company compensates for its lack of website FAQs by making itself available any time of the day or night through phone, email, and live chat. Friendly customer care agents provide adequate answers to questions. Withdrawal is also a breeze and pay out time for NETeller is only 48 hours.

Being under the established iPoker network assures users of Titan Poker's security. As a matter of fact, no financially-related security problems have been reported. The site operates on a secure server that utilizes the latest in encryption technology to protect and maintain players' accounts. An extensive range of options for deposit and withdrawal make dealing and winning painlessly simple.

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