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Eurobet Sportsbook 2010-08-11 17:04

Eurobet one of UK's Largest Betting Companies

It was Eurobet who pioneered online betting in 1996. From then on, it has remained the most reliable company where serious gamblers can entrust their wagers. That is because Eurobet operates under the principle of fair gaming, which translates to a huge traffic. Its vast experience speaks for itself: It has been in the online betting business since 1996 and made a couple of alterations along the way making Eurobet the leading gaming and betting operator worldwide. When it merged with Coral, British's sporting scene legend, in 1999, the company's name was changed to Coral Eurobet, thus it carries with it Coral's more than 75 years of bookmaking experience. Never tired of innovation, Coral Eurobet is newly-empowered when just recently, it was acquired by Gala, UK's leading gaming group.

Headquarter, betting shops and language support

With its headquarters situated in London, Surrey, and Gibraltar, Eurobet maintains around 1,100 betting shops spread all throughout England, clients in more than 100 countries and 6,000 employees. The website is designed to serve the company's varied clients. It is offered in 17 international languages including French, Italian, and Spanish, is fully interactive, and is cut out for easy navigation. Here, players may deposit their bets in five different currencies with endless payment and refund options.

Eurobet shows high credibility

Enough for the company's credibility. Looking at Eurobet's profile, one will notice that it has been the most customer-friendly sportsbook site because every concern that its customer may have is fully-addressed. At the same time, it makes accounts managements (on the part of the players) very easy with the placement of wagers and verification of winnings all but light tasks.

Eurobet features no absolute maximum bets

The site carries some 15,000 events covering the major sporting gigs all over the world like Football, Basketball, Motorsports, Tennis even Horseracing and Greyhounds. Almost all events may be combined with a comprehensive betting guide made available online as a helpful aid for customers. Plus, there's no absolute maximum amount for bets. That literally means players can place bets as small as £1.00.

Eurobet is continuously working on the player experience

If the aforementioned offering is not enough, then players might be glad to know that, Eurobet promises to continue reinventing the site to make the gamblers' online gaming an exciting and entertaining experience. It keeps an in-house team that never tires out of looking for ways and products to improve the company's already outstanding services. It seeks to shape the industry and does so by continuously challenging technology and squeezing out the ultimate products.

Eurobet make things safe and secure

Eurobet also keeps its members' profile safe and secured. It handles over one hundred million of transactions annually, all of which are ensured of confidentiality. Its players won't have to worry about their personal data being transferred to a third party. Its software is masterfully-designed to guarantee its customers not only speed when placing bets but also security. If players ever encounter any problems with the service, technical or otherwise, Eurobet's friendly and able customer service representatives are on standby to address all the concerns, may it be via email or phone, while its customer support is available in ten dialects to better serve Eurobet's wide array of members.

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