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Nine Sportsbook 2010-08-13 17:59

More than Nine Ways to Have Fun at Nine Sportsbook

The number nine has always been associated with good fortune and luck since ancient times. Nine muses were adored by the ancient Greeks. Cats have nine lives. The fashionable dressed to the nines. Likewise, is a new and stylish online sportsbook, worthy of its name. With the appeal and luxury of a Las Vegas casino, offers not just a swanky five-star sportsbook but a premium racebook, a deluxe casino, and a plush poker room as well!

Old GCS group now VIP management services

Although relatively new in the online gambling scene, the people behind Nine are experienced in the field. Since 1997, the GCS group (Now VIP management services) have been maintaining online sportsbooks with portals such as MyBookie and Betcom. An increasingly sophisticated online community and the spread of other forms of online betting triggered the company to launch a site that does not only allow users to place bets but to experience other forms of gambling as well. Thus, July 2005 witnessed the birth of the Nine brands.

Fresh and hip impression with wide gaming variety at nine

Catering to 21-45 year old males, Nine sportsbook interface is fresh, hip, and cutting-edge.'s primary offering is sportsbetting, the pioneer service of the GCS group. With all standard options for baseball, basketball, and football, the gaming portal also has wagers like parlays, straight bets, round robins, and teasers among other features. Meanwhile, the virtual casino offers popular casino games such as slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and craps. On the other hand, the racebook has all major North American race tracks covered. Poker can also be played at's virtual poker room.

Political and entertainment related wagering with nine sportsbook

For those who want something more, Nine sportsbook also offers bets and wagers on current events including the current political debate or entertainment scandals. Members and patrons of Nine sportsbook also enjoys the privilege of accessing the article archives of the site where they can read articles on a broad range of topics from poker tips to flirting techniques.

Nine sportsbook bonuses and terms

Both new members and regulars are treated with bonuses at Since there are specific bonuses for each gambling area, the terms must be read.'s terms and rules, for instance, deters "Smart Aleck" betting. These rules are comprehensive and reading them is necessary. As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Also, the limited audience entails, to an extent, limited gambling pleasure. What others consider a bonus though is the fact that deposits and withdrawals have no fees whatsoever. In the long run, players can really save a lot.

Nine sportsbook wagering limits and security

Prior to the actual wagering, players have to sign up, login, and deposit funds at Nine sportsbook. The deposited amount will then be used for playing. A minimum of $20 can be deposited online while it allows deposits of up $1,000 daily and $6,000 monthly. Nine sportsbook only accepts US dollars for wagering although all foreign currencies are accepted in its bank. With various deposit and cash out options, financial transactions like deposit and withdrawal is safe, fast, and secure at Nine.

Nine sportsbook customer service

Should players have questions or experience problems, Nine sportsbook offers customer support available 24/7 through email, chat, and phone. With its classy but sassy take on gambling, playing and betting at sure feels like sitting on the lap of Lady Luck.

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