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Give In to Your Gambling Urge at is regarded as one of the most successful and biggest online sportsbook and casino in the online gaming industry today. Established in 1997, targets a unique market of recreational and intermediate players. The success of this company is a sound example of a simple yet bold concept of successfully transforming a sportsbook enterprise into an online industry. The website is a top choice for online players who are up for excellent bonus and promotion packages and wide selection of betting options on all types of sporting.

Powered by the state-of-the-art software,'s interface is generally user-friendly, with well-organized icons and clean betting screens. With such fine interface set-up, it is easier for players to browse through the site's game features and other services. As for site traffic, estimates that monthly visitor sessions total to more than 600,000.

This site traffic can be attributed to the fact that the popular website features a wide selection of wagering types for online players to choose from. Wagering options include Straight Bets, Game Totals, If Bets, Progressive Parlays, Future Wagering, Horse Win/Place/Show, Money Lines, and many others. Players can also indulge in the site's top casino games selections such as blackjack, slot, and poker.

Moreover, is also noted for its superb bonus offerings to all its loyal online players. Bonus features include the Sign-up Bonus deal that gives players 10 percent bonuses on their first deposit at the website. Another top bonus offering is the Re-load Bonus, wherein players are given five percent bonus to every re-deposit transactions on Thursdays. In addition, also provides its players referral bonuses and additional points on every deposit transactions with Neteller.

Aside from top bonus features, online players and gamblers also love's excellent promotion programs. Among the pride promotion offerings of the site is the Free Sports Pager. This program is free when players make an initial deposit of more than $2,000. It features updated lines for baseball, hockey, basketball, and football as well as offering updated scores for college basketball and football games. Another excellent offering at is its In Running Wagering program that features Live Wagering services throughout the whole season of football games.

Meanwhile, is also home to exceptional free contests for its thousands of patron online players. The website offers free $50,000 Weekly Giveaways, a NASCAR Contest, Daily 3 for Free, and the popular $100,000 Football Challenge. These superb contests are part of's program for urging more players to go to their site.

Apart from the wide selection of games and huge prizes, what makes Sportsbook a crowd drawer is the fact that it makes sure that its players can concentrate on playing and winning. For instance, deposit and payout transactions at are accepted in many forms of payment. Payment methods include FirePay, Bank Wires, Western Union, VISA, and Mastercard. However, players' fifth withdrawal within a month will include an additional charge of a $30 flat processing fee. Meanwhile, is well-regarded for its reliable customer service among other online sportsbooks in the industry. Players can send in their problems and questions through the site's 24/7 e-mail service. For live service discussions, players can also connect to the site's phone service or online chat assistance and the friendly customer assistance are there to accommodate all queries and problems regarding the site.

Indeed, with all these top features, the urge to play will definitely be hard to resist at

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