2010-10-05 09:32
Endless Possibilities At GameAccount

For five years, GameAccount has provided serious online money players with an avenue to play for big cash and interact with different players from more than 130 countries. As you enter the site, you will find out that it keeps a large community of online players who compete in a host of games not only for fun but for real and BIG cash amounts as well. GameAccount has its offices both in the United Kingdom and Australia, but through its credible services, it was able to reach all nations with distinct passion for online gambling. Thus, here, players may deposit to their accounts in four different currencies -- Euro, US dollar, Australian dollar and UK Pound.

GameAccount does not pressure online gamblers to play for real cash the first time they log in. Unlimited practice plays are available to gain their confidence through winning in games that involve prize money. The multiplayer games in GameAccount include Blackjack, Backgammon, Gin Rummy, and 8-Ball Pool. It also offers one-player games like Three Card Poker, Naval Wars, and Solitaire. Here, players play with other gamblers and not with the gaming site's employees. It's like playing in the casino field minus the hassle of traveling all the way to the gambling houses.

Regular tournaments are being held for each and every game available with big volumes of players who already signed up. One-player tournaments puts gamblers up against a minimum of two to a maximum of eight players for the coveted prize money. Winners are judged according to their scores or time. Jackpot tournaments set a particular goal or objective which, when attained, will instantly give players the jackpot while Knockout tournaments let gamblers knock off every competitor to pocket the prize money.

GameAccount does not influence or even hold the power to change the outcomes of the games. Its main responsibility is to facilitate the games, create a safe environment for passionate online players, and take charge of the solicitation and distribution of stakes and payouts. You are also assured that you will only be up against people with similar skills in particular games here. Thus, 'Rookies' are not put out to battle with the 'Amateurs' or the 'Pros'. Its software has a precise rating system which classifies players to provide them with a guide when choosing whom they want to compete against. GameAccount also does not favor any player, it provides fair treatment to all and allows all participants to enjoy identical game opportunities and challenges.

GameAccount also puts value in the security of its members' finances. All the players' deposits are accurately credited and all the winnings will definitely be on their pockets as soon as they are processed. If players encounter any problems, the support team is gladly on standby for help. The site also allows its players to obtain helpful knowledge on their FAQs section where general questions are given honest and straight answers, or they may email and/phone the site for their complaints, comments, suggestions, even recommendations.

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