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Backgammon At Play65

Play65 offers the same backgammon gaming service like its contemporaries. Only, it manages to pull more customers to its ground because of its outstanding offers. In addition, it is also among the trusted gaming sites because it is a member of the network of backgammon sites under LogicEmpire. Play65 is known to serve at least 5,000 of the entire populace in LogicEmpire. Why this is so can be partly explained by the fact that the Play65 website has very attractive 3D graphics, not to mention that its games are available in twelve various languages: English, Greek, French, German, Czech, Japanese, Turkish, Hebrew, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, and Danish. Thus, the multilingual feature of Play65 carries with it a built-in advantage as it automatically attracts players coming from different countries who can now afford to engage in backgammon games in their own native tongues. This is certainly an excellent marketing ploy and the result can be seen on the huge number of gamblers regularly seen at the site.

Another feature that makes Play65 a sought-after site in online gambling is its bonus offers, which are quite unique. One bonus feature is the standard version where players can get free $20 when they deposit an initial $20. The other bonus feature involves a simple verification of a
player's email which will be equivalent to an automatic $2 incentive.

Other bonus offers at the site include loyalty awards. For each game played at Play65, players can collect stars which they can eventually use to gain entry to special backgammon tournaments as well as eligibility to more bonuses at the site.

Still, another incentive available at the site is available through referrals. Here, once a player refers a friend to Play65 and that friend ends up actually playing for money, the player will be entitled to a bonus of $20 which will be added to his own account.

In terms of actual games, Play65 offers backgammon games in both ring and tournament types. These are actually one of the bigger attractions of the site, especially the tournament games. Its games often have buy ins ranging from $1 to $20 and are usually scheduled ahead of time, with many interested players usually advised to check the games calendar from time to time to be updated on the latest and upcoming tournament games. Even more enticing is the fact that the prizes involved in Play65's games are quite large, with the monthly tournaments offering more than $35,000 cash reward.

Backgammon games involving higher stakes are also being offered at the site, with several games having a limit of about $500. Sadly, not too much players are seen here, although there are some, especially in the lower $100 limit. This is probably one area that the site can work on in
order to attract players who prefer the high-staked games.

When it comes to financial matters, not much trouble can be seen in the Play65 front. The site is absolutely secured, having the support of the equally stable LogicEmpire network.

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