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At first glance, Party Bingo looks like an ordinary gaming site. However, what sets it apart from other sites offering the same kind of games is its extra features. For starters, it belongs to the few sites that happen to offer tutorials on basic online games. This particular feature can be particularly helpful, especially for gamers who are quite new in the online gaming field.

However, this does not mean that Party Bingo only targets new players. The site can actually be a perfect place for veteran bingo players as well. This is because Party Bingo carries some very exciting bingo games having really generous cash awards. These come in the form of monthly game specials that the site regularly prepares and are actually meant for the more serious online bingo game players.

Another significant feature of the site deals with respect to the player community. Gamers are given the rare opportunity to upload their profiles at the site. Aside from seeing a presentation of themselves online, they also get a chance to view the profile of other players, especially those whom they have played against in several games. This particular system gives the site a personal touch, something that is rarely achieved in the online field, where practically everyone and everything can go by anonymously.

Of course, if what players really want are cool Internet bingo games, then the site will not really be a total disappointment. There are more than a hundred bingo games available at the site, each one carrying a unique and varied game pattern. New game specials are likewise available on a nightly and weekly basis, so players can expect totally different games every time they come in and pay the site a visit. An example of this is the Speed and Big Bingo that can be played from 8-9 nightly. Another one is the weekend bingo special where a guaranteed $100 prize for every game awaits every lucky bingo player. This is aside from the free games that are available everyday so players can get to familiarize themselves with the way bingo is played online so they will be completely ready once they start playing the game involving real money.

Players wanting to play other online games will also find the site a nice alternative since it also offers other games like slot machine games, keno, and video poker. Apparently, the site also has its eyes set in capturing a wider range of online players. Hence, the availability of video poker, slot machine games, and keno at the site which also happen to come in tutorial format, just like the resident bingo games.

For interested players who wish to sign up as a new Party Bingo member, the site has some very good news. It is currently offering a 200 percent welcome bonus for all new players. Simply make an initial $25 deposit, after which they will be able to avail of the incentive, that is, after they have met the play-through requirements. Apart from that, more fun awaits Party Bingo players, because if players get to refer their friends to the site, an extra $15 bonus will be waiting for them. To top it all, players have the option to order a Party Bingo cd game, a perfect alternative to downloading a game, which can prove to be quite slow at times.

If players prefer games that have a personal touch, then Party Bingo can answer that particular need. Its lobby arrangement allows players to choose the kind of bingo game that they prefer to play. This is aside from the alternative of being able to choose the caller for their game as well as the game shape and color. During the actual games, three friendly chat hosts are likewise available just in case players need help in their games or simply need someone to talk to while trying to come up with a winning game strategy -- truly, an innovative and effective way of attracting new players over to the site.

Finally, Party Bingo also hosts a large chat community where players can find people worthy of sharing their gaming experiences or experts that are willing to discuss game pans. However, it might do players some good to first visit the site page for bingo lingo to brush up on their bingo terms since everyone at the site has a bingo language that only the true game aficionados can truly understand.

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