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High number of players, good challenging competitions, and wide variety of promotions and bonuses are usually the details being highlighted in advertising poker sites so as to persuade a person to register. For, the case is no different. With their games and incentives to the players, which is growing in number, Inter Poker certainly is something to visit online.

Among all of Inter Poker's offerings, it could be said that their promotions and bonuses are their best bets against their competitions within the poker industry. For instance, when you visit, a $150 welcome bonus sign will greet you straightaway. Apart from the fact that the bonus that Inter Poker has is relatively larger than the offerings in other online poker sites, the welcome incentive for new members is automatically given, provided that the players have entered the right code.

After its release in 2001 and being established and known through InterCasino, the site has been improving ways to increase traffic. In this respect, Inter Poker has been quite successful, with a traffic record that has now grown to an average of 3,000 players during peak hours. Contributing to the traffic are the activities that the poker site has, the most popular of which are the Texas Hold'em games; as a matter of fact, most of the real money players can be found in Texas Hold'em game tables.

Another thing that is commendable about the site is that Inter Poker is not only the place for the pros to make some money, but also for novices to practice their poker skills; some of these Inter Poker players have just converted from casino games and are new to playing poker. Plus, most of the players are Europeans, which make customers able to bet in Euros or US dollars. Generally, the currency depends on the tables that the players choose.

Although the website's interface design and color may seem to appear dull and not as striking as other big poker sites, ensures quality in their software services. Interpoker is operated by CryptoLogic Operations Ltd on the IPN/Boss software network, which is regarded as one of the pioneers and leading software developers in casino and gaming industry. Having utilized the services of such network, the site reassures its numerous members that it is still included in the list of online poker sites that are fast and dependable.

Besides the poker activities that offers, the site also features articles from poker professionals such as Juha Helppi and Kathy Liebert. The articles feature their poker tips and tricks, life stories, and sharings as to how the authors made it to the top as poker players. Given that not many poker sites have this kind of feature, Inter Poker makes an extended effort to reach out and help poker players who are planning to be pros. Together with updated and the latest articles published about poker, the site also keeps an archive available to anyone.

Although Interpoker is not as populated yet as compared to other big poker sites, queries about the site or about poker games can be addressed quickly and efficiently by the help and support team, which can be contacted through email or telephone. Regarding financial transactions, there is an array of payment options for the Inter Poker member, including Neteller, Visa, Firepay, Citadel Commerce, Mastercard, ECP, and debit cards.

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