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Challenge casino offers quality gambling

Are you ready to take up a challenge? Are you ready to spice up your everyday mood? Are you psyched up to grab lots of cash? If you are, then go and see Challenge Casino.  It’s exactly where fun and fortune make a solid alliance.

The Success Behind the Name

Challenge Casino is not your ordinary online casino. Since its establishment in 1999, Challenge Casino has made a famed name in the online gambling industry and has therefore been hailed as one of the online casino pioneers. As the years progressed, Challenge Casino has made for itself a solid consumer base. Being one of the oldest online casinos, Challenge Casino knows exactly what players want, and it is quite evident in its games and services that are strategically developed and enhanced. Obviously, Challenge Casino is one of the successful, if not the most successful, online casinos existing today.

Games + Innovation = Challenge Casino

Challenge Casino offers around 150 exciting and innovative games—from the traditional to the new online casino games—so it is no doubt the best choice for every online casino game aficionado. The casino games we love to play in a physical casino room are all intact in Challenge Casino. Think of Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, and Roulette. Slot games are as well a standout. The slot games are just so inviting with all its colors and themes that seem to plead you to come back and play again to your heart’s content.  Progressive Jackpots and Video Poker are all as exciting as the other games. And here’s an even better news. Challenge Casino introduces four new casino games per month, so that means your choices of games are consistently growing. And take note, not all online casinos have the luxury and capacity to do that.

Get that Bonus!

Bonuses are typical in almost all online casinos today. But what makes Challenge Casino exceptional? On your first deposit, you’ll get a 25%-bonus, on your second, 50%, and 100% on your third. Therefore, you can get as much as $1000 worth of bonus. What’s more, Challenge Casino has this “ADVANTAGE” loyalty program that entitles you to bonus points whenever you move to a higher membership level. Your acquired points can get you a free spa package or an LCD TV.

Your Money is Secured

Whenever you make a deposit into your account, be assured that it is safely kept and intact. Since it recognizes the value of your money, Challenge Casino together with other financial firms such as Firepay, NETeller, and Moneybookers has a highly protected cashier and banking system. Part of this system is a tracking service with which you can keep track of your previous transactions and thereby monitor your account.

Another good thing about Challenge Casino is that it allows you to get hold of your winnings and bonuses in just a few hours, very much unlike the other online casinos, which normally give out money and bonuses in, like, 1 to 2 days. This feature, of course, has made online gambling much more enjoyable.

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