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Pinnacle Sports 2010-08-11 13:27

Pinnacle Sports

Aside from the excitement and thrill, betting in a sport book makes watching sports more enjoyable. Sportsbooks are usually done in casinos but due to the advent of technology, it is among the craze in the net today. Although Internet sportsbook does not have face-to-face interactions, people patronize it since it can accommodate more customers and the operations are fast and easy.

Among the most popular and highly patronized sportsbooks in the net is Pinnacle Sports, which has became among the leading international sportsbooks. With over a thousand customers from more than 100 countries, Pinnacle Sports have proved to be an efficient and secured site. It is a licensed sportsbook that's recognized by Curacao's Dutch Government in Netherlands Antilles. It started its operations in 1998 and its success and fame in sportsbooking has become unstoppable.

Pinnacle Sportsbook believes that the number one concern of any bettor is his personal information. Pinnacle Sportsbook has the most advanced technology to secure any information that its customers disclose. Another responsibility that Pinnacle Sportsbook does is taking care of its customers'money. There are other sportsbooks that have failed to take care of their customers' money, but Pinnacle Sportsbook assures that the customers' account is secured. The customers' deposits are kept in a safe escrow account and no money shall be released until the result of the wager is known. Pinnacle Sportsbook, unlike any other sportsbook has no case of unpaid customers.

Pinnacle Sportsbook allows the minimum deposits of $50 and minimum wagers of $1 and $100 through the Internet and telephone lines, respectively. People can do their betting in different major sporting events such as basketball, golf, boxing, horse racing, and ice hockey. The betting method depends on the game and sport type. If the event is very popular, then, numerous wagering options are offered. Pinnacle Sportsbook also gives the greatest bonuses available. It offers the superb lines out of sportsbook in the net today. It reduced juice book bonuses on Internet betting, which cover lay-105 on all NBA and all football wagers. For NHL games, Pinnacle uses 10 cent hockey lines and 8 cent baseball line for baseball. The 8 cent baseball line it offers is among the cheapest in the field, which attracts more people to access Pinnacle Sports. The tax-free payouts are released in as fast as five minutes through the Western Union, Master Card, NETeller, FedEx, Bank Wire, and the cashiers check. Pinnacle accepts different currencies such as USD, Malaysian, Ringgit, Zealand Dollar, and Thailand Baht to serve its customers around the globe. Book to book transfers are also available, just give Pinnacle a call and everything will be settled.

The website is easy to browse and guests can take a peek on the lines even if they do not sign in the site. People can get a 10% sign up book bonus when they deposit $250 or by just clicking the banner flashed in the website. Querying and signing up are no hassles, too, because the site always keeps its lines up. The multi-lingual customer service representatives can handle all your needs, thus, there's no room for betting confusion and misunderstandings. So, for fast, secured, and win-win sports betting, Pinnacle Sports is the site to visit.

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