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Intertops Casino is one of the many online casino sites that has obviously seen the enormous profits that it can possibly rake in if it offered its games to non-English speaking nations. Actually, this is a fast-growing phenomena, but what should perhaps set Intertops Casino apart from other online gambling sites is the fact that it has chosen to offer its online games to an Asian country, China. Most other Internet casinos concentrate on non-English speaking European countries, but Intertops Casino has taken the bold step of gambling in the largely untapped Asian market which is potentially large, to say the least.

Intertops Casino Trailblazer

In any case, the action is expected to be a trailblazer, and soon, we may be seeing more players coming from Asia getting seriously involved in online casino games. This is quite naturally a good news to everyone, since barriers to communication will be broken, and interaction will soon simply involve a mere touch of the button.

One of the first casinos

Actually, this particular action of Intertops Casino to tap into the Asian market is not at all surprising. The site has been known to be a trailblazer, as seen from its earlier decision to go online, which it undertook in 1996, making it the first casino house to become Internet-based.

Intertops Casino Slots Cash Splash and Major Millions

Concerning the games at the site, these are all standard, but Interstops Casino has made them more appealing and attractive by providing them with unique and interesting names. For example, the average online player will definitely be at a lost as to what kind of game is actually involved in Cash Splash since it sounds very generic. Ditto for another game called Major Millions.

Intertops with added sportsbook license

Another interesting game feature of the site is the sportsbook games. These are usually wagers made on selected sports events like horse racing, basketball, football, and the like. This used to be a totally separate and distinct online form of gambling and very few online casinos can boast of being capable of offering this. Intertops Casino, though, seems to have made significant progress towards this particular direction, and online gamblers can only be too grateful.

Intertops Casino New Player Bonuses

Bonuses, meanwhile, also happen to be quite hefty at Intertops Casino. There is a current offering of a 100 percent incentive for new players who make a maximum initial deposit of $100. Meanwhile, in conjunction with the ongoing NBA games, the site is likewise advancing a fair 10 percent reward for maximum deposits of $50 every Tuesday when deposits are made through special payment methods.

Intertops Casino Graphics and Games

Graphics-wise, Intertops Casino is definitely tops. The abundance of greens is a clear indication that it is ready to give away loads of cash to extremely lucky players at any given time. With more than 100 games being offered, such a goal is not entirely unattainable. Meanwhile, the screenshot image of players having a drink while enjoying a round of table games conjures up images of success and fun in a totally cool and chic atmosphere, the perfect recipe for a possible jackpot victory at any of the games.

Intertops Casino Customer Service

Finally, the bold and eye-catching customer service hotline numbers pasted right on the opening page of the Intertops Casino website is a clear indication that the site is serious in its commitment to attend to every single concern that players may have with regards to the site games. It denotes a readiness to listen to every problem being forwarded and to quickly find the appropriate solution.

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