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PokerStars is the acknowledged leader in the online poker game business. It has produced about three WSOP winners in the past three years including Joseph Hachem in 2005, Greg Raymer in 2004, and Chris Moneymaker in 2003.

Naturally, the question in the minds of many people is, what did PokerStars do to achieve its present status? Actually, it involved lots of hard work and the result is a poker site that is truly exceptional in every significant area of an Internet poker operation.

For starters, the PokerStars software contains several exciting features including the choice of three card graphics of different styles and a total of eleven themes as alternatives for the general onscreen appearance. Another software feature pioneered by PokerStars is the introduction of onscreen notes wherein players are given the opportunity to write down important data about themselves and about other players in relation to their game standings. This pioneering move is further enhanced with the introduction of the site's statistics functions.

Game variety at the site is perennially being upgraded. Aside from the regular offering of Texas Hold'em, Seven-Card Stud, and Omaha, PokerStars also offers variations of the games like the Hi and the Hi-Lo formats and the pot-limit and no-limit versions. Now, the site has introduced two other poker variants namely, the HORSE and the RAZZ.

PokerStars will always be credited for having started the trend of supervising poker games in micro-limit versions. For the uninformed, micro-limit games involve a mere $0.01/$0.02 buy-in and charges no rakes. Speaking of rakes, PokerStars actually has lower than the average rakes, with offer seemingly becoming even better in the micro-level divisions. No-limit poker games generally have a five percent rake with the maximum set between $1 to $3 per card combination, though this often depends on the cards dealt to the participating players.

Bonus-wise, the site has an on-going reward scheme for newly-registered players where they will be given a 100 percent award up to a maximum of $50 gratuity. (This promo is expected to last until late December.) After making their first deposit, new members of PokerStars simply have to play a game at the site in order to earn points equivalent to about ten times the incentive amount. They are given six months immediately after their initial deposit to accumulate the needed points in order to qualify for the said bonus.

Loyal patrons of PokerStars can also receive their own set of incentives or more commonly known as reload bonuses. These reload bonuses are given regularly and are usually posted on the PokerStars website, but can also be sent to players' emails or included in the latest game software of the site. Typically, reload bonuses are between 20 to 25 percent of the $100 to $120 incentives wherein the deposit amounts to $600.

In the area of game traffic, PokerStars, being the biggest in the online poker business, experiences high traffic in both the ring and the tournament games, though it is a bit inferior in the former (this is most especially true during peak hours.) Interestingly, ring players are mostly composed of Europeans, which means that the site is steadily capturing a large share of the non-American market. Actually, this does not come as a big surprise, especially when one thinks of the many great offers that PokerStars constantly comes up with.

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