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If fast-paced action, believable odds, and excellent bonuses are your thing, then you can do a lot worse than visit the Ruby Fortune casino. The casino prides itself on being able to deliver the best probabilities you'll find on the Internet and on being among the most secure online gambling establishments in the world. Some experts even think that the odds at Ruby Fortune are better than what you can expect to find in your typical Vegas or Reno casino.

Among the main draws of the Ruby Fortune is the variety of games available for a player to choose from. There are half a dozen variations on blackjack for players to sink their teeth into, for starters. Couple that with the extensive library of games like roulette, craps, video poker, and keno to create something that is easily among the most comprehensive roster of games in any casino, online or otherwise. The presentation isn't too shabby either, with just the right amount of pomp and flair to get a gambler's attention, but not so many shiny lights that may end up distracting someone. To finish this whole thing off, the visual design's high level of quality is consistent, regardless of whether you're playing the browser-based Flash versions or the software downloads.

The selection of bonuses available for lucky players to choose from is also an added attraction, sort of like the cherry on top of the cake. There is a loyalty program that customers can take advantage of, offering stuff like extra bonuses and credits that may be converted to cash at specific amounts. The management and personnel are also very generous, known for giving out free credits and chips to players on a whim. According to the certified payout percentages, the casino also gives out some truly large jackpots that surpass most of the payouts you'd find on the Internet.

The software that Ruby Fortune uses is solid, with very high marks for ease of use. The site and the software are easy to navigate, to the point where the only way you're going to get lost is if you lose your way intentionally. The visual presentation is crisp and clear, with nothing but your own home environment to distract you from playing the best you can. The Flash-based versions of the games can be a little sluggish if your Internet connection isn't optimized, but the experience is smooth as silk if you play on low-traffic hours. The downloaded versions of the games perform far better, with not a single slip or delay to be seen. That is, unless you are running multiple programs while playing.

Overall, if you're looking for a good place to sit back, relax, and gamble the night (or day) away, Ruby Fortune ranks in the "as good as it gets" category. Folks would be hard-pressed to find an Internet casino that's as friendly or as stable as Ruby Fortune. The top-notch service, excellent odds, and smooth playing experience combine to make a site that is among the finest casinos to have ever been produced by the 'net.

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