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The Relaunch of Mansion Poker

The online poker industry is very competitive business considering the hundreds, if not thousands, of poker sites launched every passing hour. But not all these poker sites are bound for success, as every poker site is faced with various challenges, especially in terms of attracting visitors and generating traffic. This is a very common challenge that certainly most poker sites have dealt with, and surely will continue to deal with. In the case of Mansion Poker, traffic is a challenge that can be addressed by adding more interesting features and giving away bigger prizes.

Mansion Poker has been around since 2004, but in 2006, the site launched a stronger marketing campaign to re-introduce itself again into the industry. Promoters of the site aim to invite more players to join Mansion Poker by offering big sign-up bonuses amounting to $2K to every new player. The site is now also offering players an opportunity to qualify at the one-million-dollar Poker Dome Challenge to be broadcasted over television. Furthermore, Mansion's site now looks more attractive and works more effectively compared to when the site was first launched.

Once players get to be a member of Mansion Poker, players can take advantage of the types of poker games presented in standard layout. There is the ever popular Texas Hold'em which comes in the typical Limit, Fixed Limit, and No Limit. Omaha, on the other hand, comes in Omaha Hi/Lo and the usual Omaha, while Seven Card Stud comes in its regular type and the Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. There is also the Speed Poker, aptly given a new name, Turbo Poker.

As mentioned, Mansion Poker is currently at the height of its marketing campaign, offering all the best perks and promos to attract more players. One promo that players are drawn to is the $2K Sign Up Bonus. In this promo, a player gets to win $1,000 through his first deposit, then later on win an additional $500 in the second deposit and another $500 in the third deposit. Another interesting Mansion Poker promo is the Mansion Poker Dome Challenge wherein players get the chance to win a million dollars. Players participate in the Mansion games to earn a seat to the televised tournament to be held in Vegas. Finally, another attractive promo is the Rollover Bonuses where players can win $100 every day.

As expected, the interesting new promos have had significant effects on the performance of Mansion Poker as a poker site. There have been significant views from visitors and occasional players, usually from beginners who hope to get a seat at the Dome Challenge. As of the moment, Mansion Poker players may have to stick to the medium and low stake plays, anything below a buy-in of $50. When the time comes that Mansion Poker have generated high traffic greater than is expected from their re-launch, then perhaps it is the time for the high stake games to be offered on the poker site.

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