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Upon reading or hearing the name UK Casino Club (UKCC), it is quite understandable if you would instinctively think that you have to be located in UK to participate in this casino. For those living outside of UK, let me tell you the good news that you don’t have to live in UK to join in this casino’s fun. You want to know why? This is because UKCC is an online casino. Because of this, whether you’re living in beautiful UK, in bountiful America, or in any other parts of the world, you can actually gain access to the more than 130 games offered by UKCC.

UK Casino Club Features

If you think that gadgets and softwares are the only things that can have features, think again! UKCC also offers its players with a number of useful features that ensure that your casino experience will be truly satisfying. To familiarize you with some of the features being offered by UKCC, take a look at the following items below:

24 / 7 Customer Support

One of the great things that UKCC can offer you is 24 / 7 customer support. With this kind of support, you don’t have to worry too much about the possible problems that you might encounter on UKCC at any given day or hour. Aside from this, it is also worth mentioning that the response time of UKCC’s customer support is simply remarkable. It can be seen in their Live Chat wherein UKCC’s agent immediately accommodates your questions in just a matter of seconds.

Flash Casino

If you want to play casino without downloading UKCC’s casino application, you can just click on the Play Instant Casino button on the UKCC website. Doing this will instantly let you play casino without having to wait for the casino application’s download to finish.

Advantage Loyalty Program

The Advantage Loyalty Program is UKCC’s feature that rewards the members of the Casino Action Group with prices and privileges. To enjoy this program, you have to register yourself as a player on the UKCC website. You can get rewards from the Advantage Loyalty Program of UKCC through the points that you acquire whenever you play. This just means that the more that you play on UKCC, the more points you will be able get. So what are the rewards you can get from your points? Two of the rewards that you can get from your points include spa products and flat panel LCD TVs.

The Wheel of Cash

The Wheel of Cash is just one of the fun features of UKCC. The Wheel of Cash is a wheel that pops randomly in UKCC. If you’re lucky, clicking on the Wheel of Cash can win you £100.

Accepts several currencies

UKCC currently accepts four currencies, namely, US dollar, GBP, EURO, and Canadian dollar. Because of this, if you have any of these four currencies, you don’t have to worry about currency conversions in playing on UKCC.

Great prizes, exciting promos, and excellent customer service—what more can you ask for from a casino? With these three characteristics present in the UKCC casino, it is not surprising that more and more people are registering on this online casino.

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