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Roxy Palace claims to have more than 200 different online games available for play, and it is not actually lying. In fact, a quick look at the games being shown on the opening page of the site will clearly prove that the claim is quite accurate. As of the present count, there are around 37 Blackjack games, 46 slot machine games, 42 video poker games, 74 video slot games, 15 jackpot slot games, and 54 table games which feature different variations of blackjack and poker, as well as several other table games like craps, baccarat, and roulette.

The games at Roxy Palace also happen to be available in a variety of foreign languages, enabling the site to be included in the list of the growing number of online gambling sites that seek to reach out to players coming from foreign lands. This augurs well for the industry as it gets to expand its operations. Players too get to benefit from this particular set-up because they get to play in a language that they easily understand, thus increasing their chances of winning.

The introductory or opening page of the site offers several other interesting features. Aside from making a general presentation of its many games, Roxy Palace also presents a list of the names of the latest winners that it has produced, along with the amount won, the date when the player won, and in what particular game he registered a win. Additionally, a separate section presents a jackpot winner of the site complete with a personal picture. Ostensibly, this is a marketing strategy in order to entice other players into signing up with the site and playing a game or two in the hopes of eventually scoring a big win. For the most part, this is quite effective, as in the case of many other online gambling sites.

Another obvious attraction of Roxy Palace is its bonus offer specifically aimed at beginning players. The incentive in this case involves a $100 award for every newly registered player. This is quite a big sum of money, although if new players find the deposit terms a little stiff, they can always opt for a smaller deposit amount, which, however, will also involve a smaller reward. Additionally, new players can make their deposits through a variety of options, which include Citadel, NETeller, PaySpark, and Click2Pay. Credit cards, incidentally can also be used as an alternative deposit option.

The games are powered by Microgaming, the acknowledged leader in the development of games software, and Roxy Palace proudly displays this in its site introductory page. Again, this should prove to be an effective marketing ploy to try to attract players into visiting the site, knowing fully well that the games are secured and safe.

Nevertheless, if players should ever encounter problems with any of the games available at the site, Roxy Palace has a round-the-clock customer service hotline number that concerned players can call. The numbers are displayed prominently on the opening page for easy viewing and access. This should be another plus point for Roxy Palace as it indicates its concern for its players, making sure that they have an avenue to go to in case of any problem that involves the games at the site.

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