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Famous celeb and professional players are not the main attractions of Doyle’s Room, but they sure helped a lot in soliciting traffic for the online poker site. By playing in any of the site’s available tournaments, other players may get the chance of playing alongside Hollywood biggies Nicky Hilton and his boyfriend Kevin Connolly, Pamela Anderson or poker greats, Doyle’s Room’s masters Mike Caro and Doyle Brunson, and Todd Brunson, Cyndy Violette among others.

The very popular bounty tournament, which is free for all first-time users, is such an online gambler magnet. If you are new to the site, you will need to deposit an amount of $55 to your account before you start playing. But that amount is easily put back to your account after finishing the game. In this game where more than 100 tables are on play, standard poker rules apply just like in any ordinary plays. If you get to defeat all pros, obviously outsmarting, outplaying, and 'outbetting' poker geniuses, which makes you a poker God, you get the pot equivalent to a whopping $50,000. If you are able to put out one bounty, your pot amounts to $5,000. If you hit two, you get $15,000. As players are beaten one by one, the original 100 tables will decrease until a single table is left.

As they play, poker pros also willingly give advice or even answer your questions. They love moving around different poker tables, but if you want to keep track on their playing schedules, they can be readily accessible for you.

Aside from its superstar qualities, Doyle’s Room has very high 110 percent sign-up gratuity. That’s probably the reason behind it topping the ranking, which shows that as of October 2006, Doyle’s Room has between 10,000 to 14,000 participants during peak hours.

As for the game options, Doyle’s Room offers the usual Omaha, Hold'em, and 7-Card Stud in limit, no limit, and limit pot options. One welcome addition is the Badugi (not available at this time), which is basically similar to the triple draw type of game. Soft competition is the name of the game here, with bets ranging from pretty small $0.02 to $100 at the most. The loyalty bonus, for the site’s faithful patrons, is earned through points that can be exchanged for exclusive merchandise. The points earned by VIP members, however, can both mean entry to any tournament or cold cash.

If you experience any problems upon using the service, the site's knowledgeable and friendly customer support is available online, through chat and through a hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus, an email support is always ready to answer all your queries as fast as possible.

The physical attributes of the site are pretty commendable both for its beauty and functionality. Its buddy list aspect keeps you informed on any preferred player’s activities. You may well add the poker masters and celebrities on your list to keep track on the specific tournaments that they are joining.

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