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Fun Without the Poker-face at pdc poker.

Pdc poker is a new, independent virtual poker room creating a serious blow on the online poker industry. It is absolutely determined in making your online poker game seriously fun and entertaining, further more pdc poker is really a re-launch of poker.com which no longer is a poker room rather a poker portal.

The gaming site has its own network and software making their player base truly unique. Graphics are essential in every online game, and pdc poker spares no room for nonsense images; it offers clear, practical visuals. Moreover, lobby music can be played to enhance your poker experience. Instant hand stories, note taking options, win statistics, and player tags such as "fish" or "sharks" are also easily accessible. The lobby showcases a site overview, with stats like hands played per hour, flop percentage, and average pot on display. Although playability is not entirely perfect, the site provides a pleasing playing tempo. With traffic build up and software updates, the room fosters a good playing environment.

Tournaments enjoy higher traffic than cash games at pdc poker; peak hours have some 3,500 - 4,000 players. Heavy promotion is allotted to free rolls offering loads of cash prizes. Meanwhile, players for ring games total to 600 - 875 during peak hours.

Pdc poker also offers rakes surpassing industry standards. Generally, a rake of 5% come in advancements amounting to $3. However, lower maximum rakes are given on different tables. Tables with fixed limits of $0.10 and $0.20 for instance, have no rakes. Nevertheless, $2 - $4 tables with two to three players enjoy rakes up to of $1, $2 for four to five player tables, and $3 for tables with six to ten players. On the other hand, games with pot limits and no limits have 5% take with a maximum of $1 for two to three handed games, $2 for four to five handed, and $3 for six to ten handed games. For those not able to reach the flop, a "no flop - no drop" policy is implemented.

Users get loads of brownie points with the plethora of bonuses and financial rewards offered. A $300 deposit for example is rewarded with a $600 bonus. However, acquired bonuses expire only a month after activation or withdrawal during the 30 day bonus period. A $4,000 free roll available on Monday and Wednesday nights. A five-letter code, IXGAMES, is used for depositing and opening the account. Meanwhile, players earn points by participating in tournaments and ring games. This "Comp Points" system rewards players with "blocks" amounting from forty-five to one hundred fifty points after playing fifteen consecutive hands. Referrals also entitle the player to free roll tournaments and a $50 bonus per referral right after depositing and playing a hundred raked hands. So to really discover a new smaller poker room but with the impression as a much larger one should download the software to start experience pdc poker.

Pdc poker also offers continuous support to its players, available through live chat and email. Players get quick responses that adequately answer their queries. The site also offers basic deposit and withdrawal options such as VISA, MasterCard, Citadel (US and Canada), NETeller, Click2Play, and InstaCash.

Pdc poker also provides maximum security and a smooth operation. With its top service plus numerous rewards and benefits, Poker.com truly lives up to its name.

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