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With CRIS standing for Costa Rica International Sports, started in 1985 in the Dominican Republic. As the sports bookto first operate offshore, BetCRIS began as an ordinary call center where customers place their sports bets. Through the years, BetCRIS slowly gained more and more followers and pioneered the line service industry. Eventually, line service like sports books in Las Vegas and other bookmakers counted on BetCRIS to establish a market area for bettors across the globe.

The humble beginning reaped into a rewarding experience as the sports betting business turned into a lucrative one that we now see today. At present, BetCRIS is among the leading sports betting company and has also expanded its service to multi-player poker, virtual casino, and sports betting booths in several countries. In fact, in 2002 alone, BetCRIS successfully registered a whopping earning of $1.5 billion.

BetCRIS Sports Book offers the best sports betting experience on the widest range of sporting events. This sports book features all the events that sports fanatics worldwide are bound to enjoy, namely American football, European football, basketball, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf, hockey, rugby, cricket, and a slew of other exciting sports.

BetCRIS also allows its clients to wager in several ways, like Money Plays, Prog Parlays, Teasers Parlays, Props/Futures If Bets, In Running, and many more. The best thing about these wager types is that they come with special features that can only be found right here in BetCRIS and in no other sports book. Parlay Card, for one, is the latest betting offer of BetCRIS that enables bettors to take advantage of the daily progressive parlays. Those who use the parlay betting are bound to take something home, even if they lose the bet, since the Parlay Card provides the bettor with a list of several betting cases that can be combined in forming a wager. On the other hand, the Office Pools, another betting offer, is available every day in all sporting events. For only $1 to $100, a bettor may buy a square with two random numbers which, if matching to last digit of the final score of the opposing team, will earn the bettor a win.

In BetCris, a bettor can place his bet anytime and anywhere through the two accessible betting methods. Though both methods require only one set of PIN and password to be used, online or phone betting is possible in the site, thus sports betting fanatics working at the office or resting at home can participate. Betting won't even hurt anyone's pocket, since for as low as $5 for online bets (maximum is $5,000) and $50 for phone bets (maximum is $20,000), one can already enjoy the perks and benefits of being at BetCRIS.

Aside from that, is also the safest site to place sporting bets as the company treats every transaction with strict confidentiality. On top of customer satisfaction, BetCRIS Sports Book also values credibility, that is why they are the number one on the listing, number two on the ATS, among the five best of the Official Football Betting Guide, and among the most recommended by Insiders Football News.

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