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Betus Sportsbook 2010-08-11 13:10
Quality Betting at BetUS Sportsbook

The sportsbook site may not please the eyes of the new visitors because of the long list of words and numbers on its main page. But the site's lack of a more creative and appealing approach to reach its players is compensated by the quality and content that BetUS Sportsbook has. Though the long list of information and text on the home page is not the usual thing that players see first on a poker site, BetUS Sportsbook brings very useful tips to the sport bettors. As a matter of fact, the information displayed on the home page contains the schedules of the upcoming games that the members might be interested to bet on and other offerings or features that the site has.

Being one of the oldest online sports betting site, is one of the most respected and leading sportsbook websites. By now, there are over 100,000 bettors who have already registered as members. This number is not surprising, as the site is known to have an interesting range of options to choose from. offers sports wagering on football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and hockey. The site also has an array of online poker, casino, and racebook options, totalling to a great wagering experience that can be found in just one site.

Aside from these, BetUS Sportsbook has other features like the locker room, which actually contains compilations of news and articles that is also open to non-members. There is also a page that tackles information about the website and a page that talks about the benefits that members can have. Betting tutorials are also offered on their Betting101 page. With these helpful and informative pages, new visitors can have a daily digest of the going-on in the sports world in the quickest time possible.

BetUS Sportsbook also prides itself on being a hassle-free sportsbook site. In BetUS Sportsbook, the process of signing up is easy; members can access the site support if they have questions or any other concerns. However, in BetUS Sportsbook, there are no email and chat options, which could have added more convenience to those who are more comfortable inquiring on the Internet.

Just like any other sportsbook, is available 24/7. You can automatically be a member once you signed up on their site, without any fee. Given that their wagering style is like that of Las Vegas, taking halftimes, teasers, money-lines, parlays, and more, the site allows their members to bet as much as $100,000 and wage on a maximum of four different sports. Once the bets are made and confirmed, members can no longer change or cancel. But the good thing is that before members are able to finalize their bets, they will go through a process that lessens the cases of "accidental or wrong betting." Once they have finalized their bets, methods to deposit may be made through MasterCard, Prepaid ATM, Demand Funds, and Visa.

Of course, BetUS Sportsbook does its part of rewarding the most loyal and new members. regularly comes out with exciting promotions, contests, and bonuses. Thus, members can win cash, free bets, prizes, and even tickets for some sporting events. As mentioned, the site also posts updates and other vital information on its pages.

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