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If you are the type of poker player who has not experienced yet any amount of interactivity in the sites that you have been visiting, then you might want to try going to the site of 32Red Poker. 32Red Poker has features that are somehow rarely found in common poker sites, especially with regard to value-added services that make the gaming experience more fun and exciting. One of these features is being able to find and/or compete against a player, by detecting if he is currently online and if he is seated at a certain table. With this option called "Find player," 32Red Poker lets a player have a re-match with another, pit against players with less-than-stellar skills, or keep in touch with poker buddies.

Aside from the aforementioned feature, 32RedPoker.com still has other reasons under its belt on being one of the leading poker sites in the United Kingdom. Another great feature found in 32RedPoker.com, for instance, is the option of being able to view and play multiple poker tables in one window. This kind of feature eliminates continual clicking of different windows and playing in haste in more than one poker table.

Of course, 32RedPoker.com would not have earned its reputation among the leading poker sites if not many players actually registered. As a matter of fact, high levels of traffic can be expected from the site, thanks to its game varieties that are deemed suitable according to the level of the registered players. 32RedPoker.com also houses an exciting selection of ring games and tournaments that can be easily accessed. The games being offered by 32RedPoker.com include staples such as Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Hold'em, 7-stud, and 5-stud.

Compared to other fancy poker sites, 32RedPoker.com layout is simpler, but uses more dark color combinations like red and green. This kind of simplicity can be said to work in favor of the site since designs like tables with avatars sometimes distract rather than help the player in his game. The lack of snazzy graphics in the site is furthermore considered an advantage since each game can be downloaded or commenced quicker and easier than other poker sites. 32RedPoker.com also employs the services of Microgaming, the software of which is considered the best of its kind; as the software being used by all Prima Network's poker rooms, Microgaming also lets the site's poker players optimize their gaming experiences by choosing to compete with hundreds and thousands of opponents.

Like every online poker site, 32RedPoker.com has a 24/7 customer support staff to assist every player who has been encountering problems in the site. But contrary to what other poker sites are up to, 32RedPoker.com offers four ways of customer support: through email, telephone, instant chat, and snail mail. With these means, 32RedPoker.com assures its players that the site values their loyalty and their membership to the services being offered.

Because of its unique features and commendable basic services, 32Red Poker has been seen as an excellent online poker site. Thus, it is no wonder that they are one of the most frequented sites, not just by UK-based players but also those who are abroad.

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