2010-10-05 09:04
There Is Hope in GameColony

With the recent passage of a US law against online gambling, online players, particularly those based in the US, may eventually find themselves at a lost as to where to go to play at least one online game that will never be considered as gambling on the net and yet, enable them to win some major cash prizes.

The worry may soon be over, especially if players decide to check out For those not familiar with the site, the online company is not
really new. In fact, it has been officially operating since 1999 and offers some very popular competitive games where skill and not mere chance is involved. Some of the games falling under this particular category are chess, solitaire, domino, cribbage, gin rummy, checkers, darts, backgammon, aqua-rush, and pool games.

Of course, the main question that visitors to the site will immediately ask is, will cash prizes be given away if one GameColony game is played? Well, yes, in the sense that if the desired game has an ongoing tournament, then definitely, some cash prizes will be at stake. Normally though, the games at the site are meant more for entertainment, to challenge the mind, which is traditionally, the way online games are played.

Nevertheless, for those interested in finding out more about the games at the site, they will probably be glad to know that the games at the site can be played both in its free version and in its fee version. This means that free practice games are allowed so players who are still feeling their way through a particular game can get accustomed to how it is played.

Once players feel confident enough, they can always move up to the fee-involved versions of the games. Here, entrance fees will be required before one can play any given game which will necessarily involve cash prizes and are played in both one-on-one and multiple player formats. The games are also available in the progressive types.

For players not totally knowledgeable with any of the games but are interested in trying them out, there are tutorial sections designed to teach every new player the basics and the objective involved in each of the games available. Domino, for example, may sound like a very simple game to most people. Yet, at GameColony, the game is more than just a simple matching of suits. There are scoring procedures involved and this will be taught in great detail at the site.

In this regard, GameColony actually sees the game of domino as the next Internet game to watch out for as it can potentially rival poker in terms of popularity, most particularly, TV popularity. This is because the game has a worldwide appeal apart from the fact that it is quite an old game. The site is now currently working on making domino, as well as the other games belonging under its stable, become highly competitive games, complete with their own set of player rankings, tournaments, support notes, and the like.

But what will most likely attract players to the site, at least initially, is the game interface, which is quite easy to operate, truly user-friendly. It also comes complete with sounds and sights, and a chat room to boot.

Interested in GameColony games? Then check out its game software, which, by the way, requires no downloading. This means players can launch any given game from any Internet browser with no need for any additional plug-ins.

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