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Carbon Poker is currently hosting an irresistible offering concerning PINdebit. It is actually giving ten percent bonus in line with the launching of this new e-wallet. However, for players to get this bonus, they have to make a deposit not exceeding $1,000 that should come in each first deposit in PINdebit.

This is just a small scene from a bigger picture. Carbon Poker also hosts a community of players who are sharing their game experiences for the benefit of developing a healthy camaraderie among players. This can become a tool for promoting the many other features of the site through the interaction of its members, thereby encouraging the signing in of new players and maintaining the existing batch.

Of course, with the many other unique attractions found at Carbon Poker, getting new players to sign in as a new members is not really that hard. For example, its current feature for prospective new members is quite enticing as it comes in three different categories. One involves an entry bonus of 200 percent up to a maximum of $250. Along with it is a two-week entry ticket to the $500 daily depositor free-roll tournament. Another one involves a slightly lower deposit bonus of 150 percent up to a maximum of $1,000 while still another one features a 125 percent welcome incentive up to a maximum of $2,500.

When it comes to game offerings, online poker in its many variants are naturally available for play at Carbon Poker. The ever-popular Texas Hold'em is here, along with Omaha, Seven-Card-Stud, and Five-Card-Stud. Poker players who would like to try out other variants of this legendary table game can take their pick from Ace to Five, Deuce to Seven, Razz, and Badugi Poker. Meanwhile, players who prefer other online games can try playing blackjack and backgammon the Carbon Poker style.

Newbies and veteran gamblers will both find a place at Carbon Poker since there are many tournaments that the site hosts regularly and which they can participate in both to learn more about their preferred games and to gain entry to higher level games. For the latter, there are satellite games and free-roll tourneys that will enable them to earn tickets to prestigious game tournaments and possibly earn a shot at stardom and at the millionaires club. Beginners, meanwhile, need not fret because they will eventually get to the higher level games once they get to master the ring games and the sit-n-go's that Carbon Poker specifically offers just for them. Add to that the easy-access feature of the site that players can save their precious time in spending but a little of it downloading the games software.

Finally, support for players is one other area that Carbon Poker has also worked hard on. Thus, players who are encountering problems with any of the games or with the site in general have several options to choose from and these include the email system and the live chat service.

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