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Backed up by the largest online casino provider (Cassava Enterprises), Pacific Poker has become a favorite among Texas Hold'em fanatics worldwide who are in for big pots aside from pure fun. The site has been very popular among serious online gamblers because of the wild action that it offers. Around 4,500 to 6,000 participants are recorded to have been in the Hold'em playing circuit during peak hours. Pot-limit and no-limit Hold'em are the most preferred type of games among the online members of the site. That does not mean, however, that only poker experts are the regulars in the site. In fact, a considerable number of inexperienced players logs in to play and probably along the way, learn a trick or two from the very efficient poker school.

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The loyalty bonuses of Pacific Poker are earned by means of points that are convertible to cash. These bonuses accumulate every time players drop by to play. Referral bonuses, on the other hand, earn players around $50 for every friend that they bring in to play. These bonuses can be redeemed automatically through the players' existing accounts.

A live chat is widely available in Pacific Poker for customer support aside from the phone and email component. This service makes it possible for the site's clients to immediately reach Pacific Poker whenever they have concerns that they want to be addressed as soon as possible.

As the site continues to seek for room of improvements, it has greatly become more user-friendly unlike about a year ago when the services seem to be quite slow. This is especially hard when a certain player decides to expend playing the maximum five tables at a single time. Technical troubles usually arise, which is almost equivalent to players' loss of interest in continuing the game.

As stated earlier, Pacific Poker's high stakes offer a great attraction to serious online gamblers who wish to rake in cash. They, once in a while, schedule tough tournaments with $250,000 prize money on hand.

Texas Hold'em has been the most popular type of game among online poker players due to its high stakes and simple rules. Generally fast-paced, the game is usually played by a two to ten players. After four betting rounds, the player with the highest card on hand, who uses any two combination of Pocket cards and Community Boardcards, will win the pot. To enjoy this particular game, a Pacific Poker member must purchase chips also known as buy-ins, and pay for his seat on the poker table.

But Texas Hold'em is just one of the many games that you may play at the Pacific Poker. This 9-year pro poker site also holds Omaha Hi and the 7-Card Stud poker tournaments. Pacific Poker holds the distinction of being the only internet poker room that offers instant bonuses that can be used immediately even in the betting rounds. If you're in for mere fun, practice plays are also available aside from the poker games that involve real money.

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