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Ambiance and atmosphere are two things that real casinos are known for as well as details that online establishments attempt to capture in their site design. Throwing money at players is all well and good, but a cheaper alternative to creating customer loyalty is by developing an attractive online environment to gamble in. The friendly nature of the staff and visual design of Inter Casino's website and gambling software captures the concept of a "relaxed online gambling habitat" quite nicely.

Inter Casino's internal environment is pleasant and player-friendly. The external areas of the site are easy to navigate and understand, allowing players to quickly access specific areas. The games are also similarly designed, with bright colors and themes that are not too visually intensive so the games do not cause eye strain. The simplicity of the general design reflects a welcome change from "flash and flair" philosophy of other online casinos.

The ambiance is key to the site's multi-player games. Since the place is so accommodating, players have no qualms starting and joining the various multi-player areas. During the first few days of the month, the casino's management likely hands out the free monthly chip bonus to account holders. Of course, the scheduled bonuses aren't the only examples of Inter Casino's generosity. The managers can often be found online in the site's chat rooms and engaging in a friendly chat with some of them can result in you getting a few extra chips in your account.

The games come in download-based and browser-based varieties. I would like to point out that the browser-based form is the only available option for Mac OS users. The game software is as secure as a software of this sort can get, so you don't have to worry too much about the integrity and security of the information you send. However, the software download can become unstable under a variety of conditions, most notably if a RAM-intensive application is running in the background, such as Microsoft Word, Norton Anti-Virus, or Adobe Photoshop. Both forms offer practice modes for those who believe they need to have a few practice runs before heading to the cash tables.

The odds for the games are your standard fare, so don't expect easy wins and quick jackpots to come all the time. The table games have varying maximum and minimum bets, so players from almost any bankroll range can find a table that fits their budget. The 30 games in the site's collection also have sub-variants with changes and modifications to the rules, so don't be surprised if you end up playing single-deck blackjack in one visit and six-deck blackjack in another.

The customer support crew is efficient and quick, giving subtle assurance that problems will be taken care of quickly. The in-casino staff is also very friendly and knowledgeable of every aspect in the online casino that can be made publicly known. In other words, a customer can inquire about the slots that have the best payout percentage, but not which slots would have a high hit frequency.

Overall, the site has a good combination of ambiance, bonuses, and fun. The size of the game selection is average, though the line-up contains the usual casino flavors. Both the downloaded and browser-based software versions are quick and responsive, unless you are multi-tasking like crazy. The personnel are both professional and generous, capable of fixing problems as easily as handing out chips.

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