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Try Your Luck At Gammon Empire

Gammon Empire is the place for true-blue backgammon players. Not only does it maintain a highly interactive environment that is manageable both for first time and expert players, it also boasts of superb 3D graphics in attractive colors accompanied by a clear sound.

The Gammon Empire launched on December 2004 and holds a membership on the infamous LogicEmpire, the largest online network of backgammon sites worldwide. It is also now made available in a dozen languages including Japanese, French, Greek, and Portuguese among others and has a chat room that provides interaction avenue among the players. One exciting fact to note is that here, players will be able to determine who among the participants online are first-time users because the gamers are basically color coded -- the new ones, which are doubling in numbers each day are in gray.

Like any other gambling sites, Gammon Empire provides sign-in bonuses as well as loyalty rewards to its members. It also has adapted a program where players get $20 for every friend that they will refer to the site.

Gammon Empire holds several backgammon tournaments every now and then, which are available for some 10,000 players who are online most of the time. There's the Sit & Go tournament that features buy-ins that range from a mere $5 to a huge $200; the Event tournament that is held at a predefined time and date; and the Swing tournament, which is an exciting contest of accumulating other player's chips.

Aside from being user-friendly even to beginners, the site also offers an information space where players can learn the main rules of the game as well as tricks to winning higher stakes. Should its players feel that they are not capable of winning yet, the site allows them to start playing backgammon for play money where nothing is at stake but just the same offers and endless fun. The game site encourage the players that once they have mastered the game, they move on to play for real money. Unlike playing backgammon on the traditional playing field, Gammon Empire lets players meet exciting personalities from different parts of the globe. However, in return of such service, it obliges its patrons to deposit money on their accounts.

With a stable of more than 1.7 million members, Gammon Empire players are assured that the site will not dissolved abruptly in the near future. Here, payments are also made diligently through the usual methods. Gammon Empire guarantees not only financial security, but fair gaming as well. To cater to its members' comments and/or suggestions, customer care specialists are made available 24/7 and they guarantee to answer your concerns within the next 24 hours through an email.

Gammon Empire makes for an absolute choice for backgammon lovers who are looking for fun and excitement. It may be slicing up 2.9 to a maximum 4.9 percent for every games played depending on the stakes, but the efficiency and usability of the site more than pays up for that. Indeed Gammon Empire makes it possible to let players enjoy backgammon and meet new friends along the way.

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