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Bet365 Sportsbook 2010-08-11 16:52

The Widest Array of Sports at Bet365 Sportsbook

To increase one's chances of winning a bet, he should analyze game histories, rely on Lady Luck's support, and place smart bets. At, players can do just that 365 days of the year, or even 366 if it's a leap year. Bet365 is under the larger Bet365 Group Limited. The site is very much experienced in the industry having had its UK license since 1974. Although it is an online gaming portal, operates in over 50 betting offices with more than 500 employees at their main office. The site takes some 350,000 bets a week. The size of their company assures players of their security.

Bet365 with european soccer and in-game bets

Bet365 has the basic facilities like other sportsbooks. However, the site manages to stand out in a sea of online gambling portals because of two features. Normal betting sites geared towards US-based consumers have the same, predictable roster of games. But in Bet365 players are treated to additional sports wagers not available elsewhere. These include darts, snooker, handball, ice hockey, soccer, rugby, and greyhound racing. It even caters to players who can't get enough of summer sports such as cricket, tennis, NASCAR, and golf. For winter sports fans, has a variety of skiing competitions such as alpine, biathlon, cross country, and ski jumping. Aside from the numerous sports covered, Bet365 covers all major European soccer leagues as well as other sports leagues around the world. Aside from the seriously extensive range of sports offerings, what makes Bet365 really unique is their in-running or in-game bets. This means that players can only place bets once the game has kicked off.

Bet365 hosting special bets and more soccer

Soccer fanatics would undoubtedly find Bet365 a wager haven because the site has a comprehensive betting section just for soccer. For soccer matches, there is a full range of bets available especially during weekends when the choices increase to a thousand. To illustrate, Bet365 offers these just for the English Premier League match: Total Goal Minutes, Corners, Time of First Goal, First Team to Score, Number of Goals, Scorer/Result, Goalscorers, Half Time/Full Time, Winning Margin, Correct Score, Half Time Result, and Full Time Result. In addition to that long list are a line of special bets including one team to win to nil, one team to win both halves, and more than three goals scored by one team. Asian Odds can also be played for all games in Europe's top leagues.


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